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Experiential Team Building, Leadership & Entertainment

Our Purpose
‘To re-focus the human system to drive personal and team performance’
We deliver our purpose through

Nature l People l Food

The success of The F.E.A.S.T. Project is based on the ability of everyone to do their part. The experience may push many participants outside of their comfort zones, with the activities designed to test survival skills and uncover the basic hunter/gatherer in all.

Our coaches will encourage participants to work as a team for the greater good, stretch their natural abilities, hone instinctual skills and quickly adapt to new environments.

Come rain or shine, everyone has to eat at the end of the day. 

Will yours be a Feast or a Famine?

 F.E.A.S.T Project 22/11/2016 - Huntsham Court - Devon

- Shoot Your Feast - spend an exhilarating day (clay) target shooting for pheasant and rabbits before going on a simulated game drive for your feast.  The number of successful shots will then be translated into the equivalent food supplied for the table. 

Following directions / Implementing new techniques
Accepting difficult challenges / Focus / Technical precision
Aiming for and achieving goals /  Hitting targets
Making an impact

 F.E.A.S.T Project 22/11/2016 - Huntsham Court - Devon

- Butcher Your Feast - spend a provocative day on a bucolic working farm where you will get a chance to butcher and dissect a whole lamb, deer, or side of beef for your feast.  Learn to push aside your discomfort and manage your emotions because you’ll need a steady hand and level head to provide for the team as a whole.

Making and executing a plan / Pushing past discomfort
Managing emotions / Allocating available resources
Controlling waste / Difficult decision-making
Attention to detail

 F.E.A.S.T Project 22/11/2016 - Huntsham Court - Devon

- Fish Your Feast - spend a challenging day learning to tie your own fly amidst the peaceful rhythm and flow of nature, and where you will also fly-fish, clean, and prepare rainbow trout for your feast. You will have to wade in using skills you may not know you have to feed your fellow teammates.

Following instructions / Implementing new skills / Patience
Determination / Practice / Adapting to circumstances

 F.E.A.S.T Project 22/11/2016 - Huntsham Court - Devon

- Forage Your Feast - spend the day at the mercy of nature in or near Exmoor National Park. Learn how to survive by identifying and scavenging edibles in the open wilderness or by the sea. You will need to rely on your new knowledge, instincts and persistence to provide for your team.  

Exploring new depths / Creating possibilities
Attention to detail / Self belief
Trusting instincts / Persistence
Utilising limited resources to maximum benefit
Appreciation of contribution to an overall project
regardless of size