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Corporate Coach

Motivated by the belief that everybody is creative, Alastair empowers people and businesses to employ an artful approach to serious problems through his consultancy firm Creamer & Sundt, which he founded in 2006. His company promotes the notion that when you are connected to your organisation in a tangible, purposeful way, and once you know why your role has meaning and why you care about doing a good job - you have a powerful catalyst for change.  Alistair is also the co-founder of Eyes Wide Opened, an organisation dedicated to the mission of helping the current generation of graduates bridge their way across the chasm that lies between university and the world of work.  Not least he is also a devoted foodie and supports the mission of The F.E.A.S.T. Project wholeheartedly! 
Find more on Alastair at creamerandsundt and ewopened

dick mullender

Corporate Coach

After spending his early working years in a number of different professions, Dick joined the Metropolitan Police in 1978 and became part of the Criminal Investigation Department. In 2002 he was headhunted to become part of the Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit: six officers dedicated to dealing with all hostage situations in London and responding to all instances where a British National is kidnapped abroad. Over the next five years, the busiest in the Unit’s history, Dick was called to react to situations in the Middle East, South America, Palestine and Afghanistan. He founded his own company, Cliff Edge Communications, and now work to transfer the skills of hostage negotiation into every walk of life – he deliverers training courses in the business world and is a regular lecturer at Cambridge University. Dick strongly believes that communication skills are the most important tools anyone needs to make a success of and get what they want from their lives.



Dr. Monica is an international reputation and sustainability professional with more than 15 years of experience in senior corporate and consulting roles with global organizations in Europe and Latin America. She was Head of Sustainable Development for Danone Spain for several years. More recently in the UK has worked as an affiliate consultant with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Forum for the Future.  

Her key areas of expertise are: Organizational Reputation: Reputation strategist working on the organization’s reputation as a driver, central to their entire strategy.  Her experience is in building the reputation function from the ground up, including the measurement of platforms to create reputation metrics as well as analyses of stakeholder perceptions. She also focuses on the development of strategic communications and engagement with external and internal stakeholders to build enterprise-wide alignment.  

Sustainability: Helping organizations to identify a “sustainability territory” of their own and develop internal assets to bring it to life, from governance to campaign planning and execution, ensuring sustainable long-term value building strategies for organizations and their stakeholders, such as employee engagement, supply chain resilience, natural capital valuation and corporate venture impact investment.

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Corporate Coach

Richard has designed and delivered award-winning seminars and change programs for public and private sector clients for over 20 years. As an actor he performed in Hollywood films, in in London's West End theatres and on national and international television and as part of the BBC's improvisation team performing to live audiences of 15 million people. In training and development his style is highly interactive and engaging leaning on storytelling, improvisation, and in the development of highly effective mindset and Behavioural change tools enhancing people's Creativity, Communication and Collaborative abilities. His specialism is in pioneering forms of learning which enable people to build new habits of effectiveness simply and easily. This approach is translated through a wide variety of media: face to face seminars, interactive theatre, online learning, interactive story and events. He is the author of the groundbreaking book "What's your Purpose?" Published by Hodder Headline and is currently writing "Change Leaders" for Pearson publishing. Richard facilitates events and workshops for top level executives and delivers to audiences from 12 -1,000 people.   
His clients include Coca-Cola, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Google and many more.  More information on Richard’s unique coaching methods can be found at  

julie batty

Corporate Coach

Julie's really interested in two things: how we understand ourselves, and how we can talk to each other. In pursuit of these things she's trained and/or worked in many fields including acting, writing, movement, psychology, training and teaching. She's pursued her interests at companies as diverse as the BBC (where she teased revelations out of guests for Desert Island Discs), Theatre de Complicite (where she ran the education programme), the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust (where she train's counselling students), and The Dialogue Project (where she recorded conversations about experiences of pain, friendship and sex). For the last couple of years Julie's earned most of my crust through freelancing as a trainer, teaching writing and communication skills to business people through the language consultancy The Writer.


Corporate Coach

With 4,500 hours experience as a corporate coach, 10 years as a consultant and trainer, and a 20-year career at Barclays Bank PLC turning around underperforming teams, Rachel is committed to changing the culture of business in the UK so that people look forward to coming to work and are motivated to contribute their best.  As a coach, Rachel specialises in working with fast growth companies to help them build sustainability, showing them how to build a structure that supports their rapid growth so they continue to grow, but without compromising customer service. She also has expertise in training business owners how to motivate teams to increase productivity and build their brand. Rachel’s clients include: Barclays PLC, QVC, and Bernardos, to name but a few.  Rachel is also a vegetarian and is therefore even more dedicated to ensuring every participant will be happily accommodated!  For more of Rachel’s background go to completeharmony and thewellbeingprogramme

dr. sally ann law

Corporate Coach

Dr. Sally Ann Law is an organisational psychologist who has been working for over thirteen years as a personal and executive coach.  She is also a certified Master Coach (Behavioural Coaching Institute) with a successful private practice in which she works with individual clients from a wide range of professional backgrounds around the UK and abroad. As an executive coach in the corporate environment, she coaches executives from board level through senior and middle levels of management as well as more junior employees who are considered top talent in their organisation.  Sally holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology and a B.A. in linguistics and gives expert talks on a variety of coaching-related subjects such as personal and professional development, leadership development, conflict management, assertiveness skill development and time/stress management.   She has also appeared on television on several occasions (e.g., BBC News, Channel 5 News), and is a contributor to discussions on countless radio stations and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles (e.g., The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Red Magazine, Bella Magazine).  

Examples of past and current client organisations include: The Cabinet Office, The Guardian Media News Group, Maxus Global Media, KBC Bank, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, RWE, Biogen, Havard International, Busaba Eatthai, JP Morgan, West LB, Fox-Pitt Kelton, The Energy Savings Trust and The Centre for High Performance Development.  Up until June 2011, Dr. Law was the UK/European Faculty Head of the Behavioral Coaching Institute and conducted certified 4-day executive coach training courses. 

More information can be found at